Image from Dennis Adams’s “Malraux’s Shoes”

PhD Research

I share part of the material that I am generated as a complete my PhD. For example, a survey of online resources in art museums I collected with the purpose of understand existing typologies.

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Mellon Collection Map

Mapping the Andrew W. Mellon Collection

In this experimental project I use data available online on the gallery website to explore GIS as narrative and analysis tool. Mapping the provenance history of the primary collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC reveals Andrew W. Mellon’s collecting activity and his personal taste as well as the history of western art markets and collectors over time.

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3D Exhibition design

Artists’ Books. 3D Model for Exhibition Design.

Exhibition design project about artists’ books and books in art that uses 3D modeling techniques.

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Gephi dataviz

DH2018 Poster

“Visualizando una Aproximación Narratológica sobre la Producción y Utilización de los Recursos Online de Museos de Arte / Visualizing a narratological approach on the production and use of art museums online resources” is a poster I presented at DH2018 in Mexico City

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