Dennis Adams’s “Malraux’s Shoes”
Dennis Adams’s “Malraux’s Shoes”

PhD Thesis

For my PhD research I am building a definition of digital narratives in art museums centered in online publications, exhibitions and the like.

While completing my thesis, I am posting some related materials in this website. For example, a list of digital resources I am collecting in order to identify typologies and select case studies, and a call for participants to interview for my research.

Mapping the Andrew W. Mellon Collection

This experimental project presented at the Blue Skies Above, Solid Ground Below. 1st Early Career Digital Humanities Conference uses data freely available online on the gallery website and explores the application of GIS Geographic Information Systems as a narrative and analysis tool.

Mapping the provenance history of the primary collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC reveals Andrew W. Mellon’s collecting activity and his personal taste as well as the history of western art markets and collectors over time.

3D Modeling: Artists’ Books Exhibition Design

This series of renders was developed in 2007 for the final dissertation of the Fine Arts BA course about exhibitions care, treatment and transportation of artistic objects “Acondicionamiento, mantenimiento y transporte de los bienes culturales muebles”.

I selected a series of artworks for an exhibition project on artists’ books based at the Centro José Guerrero in Granada. The 3D model, created with AutoCad and 3D Studio Max, represented the art centre rooms. The display of the artworks was designed to meet the required standards and guidelines for exhibition design accessibility, signage, case design, conservation, and lighting according to artworks materials and sizes.