Conference Papers & Publications

2018 Conference Poster Visualizando una Aproximación Narratológica sobre la Producción y Utilización de los Recursos Online de Museos de Arte. DH2018 Digital Humanities International Conference, México DF.

2018 Conference Paper Is this an Exhibition or a Publication? Defining Online Resources Types In Art Museums Museums and the Web 2018, Vancouver.

2016 Conference Paper Towards a definition of digital narratives in art museums: Assessing the scholarly value of museum’s online resources. International Symposium on Evaluating Digital Cultural Resources, University of Glasgow.

2016 Conference Paper Applying user experience research methods to study art historians’ interpretation of digital narratives in art museums. Art & Science. II International Conference on Empirical Methods in Art History and Visual Studies, University of Vienna.

2015 Conference Poster Digital Journeys of Art. Mapping the Andrew W. Mellon Collection at the National Gallery of Art. Blue Skies Above, Solid Ground Below. 1st Early Career Digital Humanities Conference, King’s College London.

2014 Conference Long Paper Open content production in museums. A discourse and critical analysis of the museum in the digital age. DH2014 Digital Humanities Conference 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Awarded the ADHO bursary to attend the conference.

2013 Conference Paper and Publication Análisis de los discursos y narrativas digitales. The Gallery of Lost Art -Tate- como estudio de caso. I Congreso Internacional Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas, Universidad de A Coruña.